Dargues Gold Mine

  • Client Name Various Clients
  • Location Major’s Creek, NSW
  • Services Environmental Reporting and Monitoring


For more than 10 years R.W. Corkery & Co. have and continue to assist changing owners with regular environmental monitoring and training at the Dargues Gold Mine. Our extensive experience and knowledge of the site allows us to identify and implement effective monitoring and reporting requirements, whilst also assisting in the preparation of environmental documentation supporting ongoing mining operations.


Diversified Minerals Pty Ltd, and later Aurelia Metals Limited, engaged R.W. Corkery & Co. to undertake regular environmental monitoring and reporting of environmental monitoring results for the Dargues Gold Mine. These monitoring and reporting activities included the following.

  • Regular collection of deposited dust, PM10, surface water, groundwater and potable water samples.
  • Community engagement and consultation during sampling rounds and regarding monitoring results.
  • Completion and management of field collection records and laboratory formwork.
  • Review of automated monitoring system results including blast vibration and stream flow.
  • Collation, review and analysis of environmental monitoring results against historical trends and established criteria values.
  • Reporting and publication of environmental monitoring data in accordance with management plan commitments and Environment Protection Licence requirements.

R.W. Corkery & Co. have previously been engaged to prepare the original Environmental Assessment for the Dargues Gold Mine, various modifications to the site’s development consent and management plans to support ongoing mining operations.


Due to our extensive experience with the mine site, R.W. Corkery & Co. were able to effectively:

  • identify the various environmental monitoring and reporting requirements for the mine site
  • Undertake environmental monitoring and analyse monitoring results with minimal handover from the site’s previous environmental officer
  • Train two subsequent mine personnel to fulfill environmental monitoring and reporting requirements.

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