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About RW Corkery & Co

Our Statement

At R.W. Corkery & Co. our demonstrated commitment to exceptional client service drives our team in every mining, quarrying and construction project that we undertake.

We understand that each client faces a unique set of challenges, finite resources and often, multiple objectives. As a business we bring over forty years of knowledge, skills, and experience to meet these challenges and deliver goals for our clients.

R.W. Corkery and Co are engaged to provide a wide range of expert environmental advice and have developed a depth of understanding with the application of relevant legislation, assessment requirements and approval processes. We have been involved in over five hundred Environmental Impact Statement approvals and delivered thousands of projects to a range of clients from large corporates to smaller operators including councils, government and non-government agencies and individuals.

R.W. Corkery & Co. pride itself on a team of exceptionally talented and experienced environmental consultants and support staff obtained from wide and varied backgrounds, providing an extensive pool of relevant industry knowledge and skill. This includes years of legislative interpretation, field work, working with government agencies, legal expertise, and lead auditing experience.

R.W. Corkery & Co. listen carefully to our clients’ requirements. We also engage with decision makers and the community to consider the best approach to achieving big picture results. From perceiving the smallest details and pairing our depth of knowledge and experience with a practical and pragmatic approach we successfully deliver robust assessments, innovative solutions, and positive project outcomes for our clients.

Due to the varied, complex and changing nature of our projects, our senior consultants have the flexibility to draw from a pool of proven specialist consultants. This enables R.W. Corkery & Co. to offer our clients an expert targeted team with the skills and proficiency most suited to each varied and individual project. The quality of our team and the work they execute has been recognised with awards for both environmental excellence and for our contribution to industry.

Every client of R.W. Corkery & Co. can expect:

  • Consistent, high quality, project-specific environmental consultancy services based on the latest developments in the regulatory environment and environmental management.
  • Objective advice and documentation reflecting the environmental expectations of community and government and anticipated expectations that may arise in the future.
  • Direct access to your Project Manager, our Principal, and senior staff, at every stage of your projects development.
  • That we will engage with decision-makers and the community with honesty and integrity, confidentiality, and professionalism.
  • That we will use our extensive experience and our expert staff and consultants to problem-solve – not just to produce a report.
  • That we will listen carefully to your goals and will understand, respect and work within your values and business objectives.
  • We understand that the longevity of the mining, quarrying and waste industries needs to be built on environmental integrity and sustainability, if future generations are to benefit from current projects.