Jan 10, 2024

Operational Rehabilitation Reform 1 March 2024 Deadline for Small Mines

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In accordance with the Resource Regulator’s Operational Rehabilitation Reform new standard mining conditions, as set out in Schedule 8A of the Mining Regulation 2016, came into effect on 2 July 2023 for small mines (i.e. mines not requiring an Environment Protection Licence). In accordance with these conditions the following are required to be prepared and submitted to ensure compliance.

  • Register the mine or mining lease(s) that make up the mine (by 31 July 2023).
  • Nominate a contact person for the mine/mining lease(s) (by 31 July 2023).
  • Amend reporting or submission dates or submit extension requests to the Regulator (if relevant) (by 31 July 2023).
  • Undertake and prepare a rehabilitation risk assessment for the mine or mining lease(s) (by 31 July 2023).
  • Prepare and submit the rehabilitation objectives statement (by 1 March 2024).
  • Prepare and submit the rehabilitation completion criteria statement (by 1 March 2024).
  • Prepare and submit the forward program and associated rehabilitation cost estimate (by 1 March 2024).
  • Prepare and submit the annual rehabilitation report (within 60 days of the end of the annual reporting period).

RWC has assisted a number of clients that operate small mines within New South Wales in preparing the required documents to be submitted to the Resources Regulator by the lodgment dates. We look forward to continuing to assist operators of small mines in New South Wales meeting their compliance obligations and assisting with planning for progressive rehabilitation and ultimately reducing rehabilitation liabilities.