Visibility – A Key Issue for New Berrima Quarry Modification

13 January 2016

The New Berrima Clay/Shale Quarry, located near New Berrima in the Southern Highlands of NSW, recently received approval for the modification to its Project Approval.  Visibility issues were raised by some surrounding residents due to a minor relocation of the planned extraction area. A sustainable solution to reduce visibility of the Quarry was developed by RW Corkery and Co (RWC) in collaboration with The Austral Brick Company (Austral).  Additional tree planting and the construction of visibility barriers provided a beneficial outcome for all stakeholders.

RWC and Austral have worked together to gain approval for modification to the New Berrima Quarry Project Approval.

The modification will allow Austral to commence extraction at the Quarry Site in 2016, from an area in which a higher quality clay/shale resource has been defined.  

The application to modify the Project Approval was prepared by RWC and continues a long and proud association with Austral,with RWC assisting Austral to manage its resource definition and environmental performance at its operations across NSW over the past 35 years.