Family-operated Quarry get the Green Light

11 June 2019

RW Corkery & Co. (RWC) is delighted to announce that the Swan Ponds Quarry at Evans Plains, near Bathurst, was approved by the Joint Regional Planning Panel in Bathurst on Thursday 23 May 2019. 

The quarry has been operating for some time and has provided an invaluable non-farm income to supplement the operator’s agricultural operations during the current drought. 

RWC has worked closely with the Allbut family to ensure that the appropriate approvals were sought and granted so that the Quarry can operate into the future, with an enlarged extraction area and unique recycling of wash water to boost lucerne production elsewhere on the property - a win-win for the environment and the operator. 

RWC congratulates the Allbut family on this important milestone and we look forward to the Quarry supporting local infrastructure development for many years to come.